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Friendly Edlin Support Files

Getting Edlin

  • Strategy one

    Edlin came with most versions of MS DOS. Look on your hard drive, original disks of older MS DOS versions, etc.

  • Strategy two

    Microsoft seems to be giving away edlin to people who bought, albeit bundled with a lot of extra stuff. Get the DOS 6 Supplemental here.

  • Stragy three

    The Edlin version 6 doesn't work on windows or DOS less than 6, but its been hacked. Go to this website to get the hacked version. I repeat, its not my website. Read up on relevant legislation in you jurisdiction before downloading. That this works only for people who already own DOS 6 makes me think that the notice I gave to Microsoft's lawyers isn't so far from reality. I mean, the makers of Xtree made version one public domain, but can MS make edlin public domain? I suspect the fear it would destroy the market for Word V7.

    If you need to modify your Version 6 copy of edlin, use a file compare and a hex editor. Requires a little expertise.

    Even better yet, try adding this to you config.sys:

    device=setver.exe setver c:\dos\edlin.exe 6.22
  • Strategy four

    There is at least one copy of edlin circulating on shareware bulletin boards with documentation demonstrating that the poster didn't realize it was the property of Microsoft. This one is hot enough that I leave you to find it.

System Requirements

  • MS-DOS, probably any version, although the Dos 6 version seem to be incompatible with Win95.

  • 12kb hard drive space. (4kb for earlier versions)

  • 64kb memory.

The Friendly Edlin Wrapper

Edlin on its own isn't much fun to use, so I wrote a batch file wrapper, E.BAT. It requires one utility, and can be used in conjunction with several optional ones, whose URL are listed below.

It is charityware, so if you use it, you should give $25 to one of the following:

	1: The Sierra Club
	2: The World Wildlife Fund
	3: The Nature Conservancy
	4: The Natural Resources Defense Council

Non-Optional Utilities

You need to use this wrapper to fire up edlin. It includes a nonprofit-ware program called ENQUIRE, which must be in the same directory as e.bat.

Optional Friendly Edlin Utilities

TurboBat Compiler

Download TurboBat compiler, or find a copy to compile the wrapper to make it run four times faster. I would do it for you but I'd be charge a royalty for each download. I don't have any revenue to pay royalties, so you're on your own. You could make it run even faster if you translated the batch file into Visual C++, but I am not sure it would be worth the effort.

Spell Checker

The batch file wrapper supports spell checking using GDSPELL, written by G.D. Davis. It is a simple spell checker for ascii files. It is optionware, that is, you have the option of paying for it.


Postscript printer and Ghostscript is also supported, using TEXT2PS, written by Stephen Frede of Australia. It seems to be circulating as freeware since there isn't anything mentioned about copyrights in the documentation.

Offline WWW browsing

Using HMLSTRIP, written by Bruce Guthrie, you can convert HTML files to ascii and read them in edlin. The trick is to make sure the ascii document is not wider than 70 characters. It is freeware with a 'but.' If bundled with some commercial software it requires a $50 fee. Apparently Microsoft could bundle it with 50 million copies of Windows for a single $50 fee. As for me, I will let the user fetch and install this utility. If anyone one knows of a good free HTML stripper, email me.

Edlin Scripts

  1. changeit.bat It does search and replace using edlin and debug. I have no idea how it works, its magic.
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