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Matthew's Pravda
Matthew's Pravda

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Matthew Martin's Resume

This is here so you know who I am. I think some address sellers would like to imagine that I am an especially degenerate customer, unlike the people they think they are targeting. The truth is, I am their market. White, middle class, educated and real stupid when it comes to women- and a sucker for a raw deal.


University of Akron, Ohio
Bachelor of Business Administration
Major in finance
GPA 3.25 overall, 3.5 in major

1995 Fall Semester
Volgograd University, Russia


Graduate Assitant, Akron, Ohio
Taught classes, graded papers, tutored students.
Rental Property Manager, Akron, Ohio
Managed a four unit rental property. Wrote and negotiated legal contracts, paid bills, collected rents, and kept records.

Database Manager, Denali Rafting Adventures, Denali, Alaska
Created databases for payroll accounting system, did accounting, answered phones, helped train coworkers to use computers.



Mastered the theory of risk management, credit analysis, portfolio selection, CAPM, derivatives, GAAP and managerial accounting, and real estate investment. Completed 14 credits of accounting course work.


Can use calculus, linear programming, and statistics at work.


Speak and read Russian fluently as a second language. Willing to relocate abroad.


Platforms: PC, Macintosh, Unix, MS Windows
Applications: Lotus, Excel, Word, WordPerfect, Access, PowerPoint
Languages: Pascal, C, HTML, JavaScript

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Matthew Martin
Any resemblance to semi-defunct communist newspapers is pure coincidental.