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Why Marrying a Mail Order Bride is a Weak Idea

This article has generated more attention than anything else I have written for the internet, so I decided to expand and improve it. Be sure to read the first part, "My Experiences."

  • My Experiences

    Its funny, its sad, is simply stupid. What is worse is that I'm not the only one who has done this before. Lets not let you repeat my mistakes.

  • The Fallacy of Infinite Time and Resources

    Why can't we trust ourselves to never make mistakes like I did? Why it isn't reasonable to rely on heroic efforts in getting your mailorder bride to be loyal?

  • The Alternative

    Pen pals are great to have. And better yet, you don't need to pay an arm and a leg for the addresses. All over the internet you can find places where people searching for pen pals post their addresses for free. Not all are looking for husbands, but by now you should know that pen pals don't make good wives anyhow.

    Some people, myself included, are strongly geographically exogamous. People tend to marry within people within their own class, religion, but usually someone outside of their geographic region. If you are thinking about marrying a girl from abroad, read this article and I'll show you how to do it without address catalogs, and maybe without even leaving home.

  • Mail Order Bride Companies Fight Back

    The president of Club Prima has decided that he can intimidate me into not publishing my article about mail order brides. Here's the story, including the nasty, threatening anonymous letter I received. By the way, if you are a gangster or address seller, please read my legal page for a short lesson in libel law- and should you think yourself above the law, you had better understand that you can kill the person but you can't kill the truth.

  • What does the INS have to do with this business?

    The INS makes this circus possible. The mail order bride industry, and all its evils are created by a visa system that gives preference to people willing to lie. The INS needs to make it easier to adjust status in the US after immigrating on a student or work visa, instead of making it easiest to immigrate by lieing about one's marital intentions. One tweaking of the law and every mail order bride company in the nation would be closing down within weeks.

  • Letters from Readers

    Nearly as interesting as my own experiences. Some people have come out for and the vast majority against using mail order bride catalogs as match makers. So far none on moral grounds, and all on the grounds of really bad experiences.

    Links to address vendors on the Internet

    Note well, that I think you're a moron to buy from these fine sellers. Don't be like me, don't take the first step. This is a criticism of the entire industry, not just the following companies

    These links are listed because I have the freedom of speech to do so. Unfortunately, consumers cannot costlessly evaluate the end result of such services. They must rely on other consumers who have been burned, or succeeded against the odds, plus any other vicarious experience. Just like a honest drug dealer who keeps his promises, these companies will provide you with addresses at the negotiated price and sometimes provide travel related services. Bravo! Excellent service. Let's nominate them for the Malcolmb Baldridge Award for heroic quality. I would like to promote informed consumer choice, which should lead to a better world for all, except, maybe address sellers who CANNOT sell so many addresses because their customers are so well informed.

    I will remove a link to an address seller if in fact they no longer sell addresses- after all, it could be slander to accuse them of such predatory business. In the meanwhile, see 50 Ways to Stop Censorship at this page.

    Addresses for sale:


    To find Club Prima search for them on Yahoo. I know at least some people are going to use this link list to buy address, so I don't want to make it easy for the ones that are harassing me.

    Encounters International
    International Marriage Club
    Acquaintance service with Russian People
    All-Russian International
    Anastasia Contact Club
    Anastasia's Dating Service for Singles
    Cupid's Arrows
    Don't Be Alone Ah! A temporary cure.
    Elegance Network
    Elegy International
    European Connections
    Florida Fedorova
    Foreign Affairs
    Heart to Heart International
    All Russian International
    International Agency "GIMENEY"
    Intersvaha matrimonial agencies
    Novograd Pen Pals
    Only You
    Orwell Maritime
    Phodes' Jewish Marriage Network
    Phodes' Russian Marriage Network
    Shade Acquaintance Agency
    Svetlana Marriage Agency
    TRIMARAN - Russian Introduction & Marriage Agency
    Lifetime Partners
    Romantic Russia
    Aral Singles LinksA link to more links

    Correspondence Club '70. These nice people requested me to add their link. Being Dutch, I suspect they didn't take the time to read the above warning. So in Latin, "Caveat Emptor!" The INS is considered to be tame in comparison with the immigration laws of other countries, so I'd think twice before ruining your life and buying an address.

    Links to Other Papers, Screeds and what not on Mailorder Brides which I didn't write, or agree with, but I'd like to include for perspective.

    Misconceptions A misogynist's view, part of a book that he would like to sell you.

    Above and at the sites of the address sellers, you will find argument, generally for mailorder brides. Beware of the statistics! One address seller who I spoke to claimed a stay together of around 80%-90%, but all of these couples had been married less than the two year period required before you can get a divorce with INS's blessing. The most common times for mailorder brides to disappear is immediately, 3 months after marriage (receipt of green card) and 2 years after marriage(receipt of nonconditional permenant residence) and finally for the truly pitiful traitors, 10 years when they receive citizenship. I would bet that there is a disproportionate number of divorces at these break points, indicating the true motivations of these spouses. Also, the majority of address sellers are relatively new, so there isn't an easy way to compare the divorce rates of Americans in general vs mailorder couples. Even mathematically speaking, the data is hard to come by. From Russian mail order brides alone there are only about 300-600 marriages a year.

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