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Matthew's Pravda
Matthew's Pravda

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Matthew's Pravda

Cover Story

Mail Order Brides

A true life story about why you shouldn't marry someone you met through an address catalog, expanded March 1997 due to popular demand.

Does Nation of Origin Matter?

Nationalism- Russian and otherwise. I'm viciously against nationalism- Hasn't anyone heard of toleration before?

News Flash

The site has been redesigned to reflect people's interests. The site is now 100% dedicated to helping stop mail order bride marriages.

The Name

Matthew's Pravda is a revolution in desktop publishing. I thought naming the site after a defunct communist paper would be funny. I have no relationship with the paper, or successors. Matthew's Pravda is anti-communist and anti-idiot, even if that sometimes puts me in the the awkward position of being against myself.

Legal Issues

Are you curious about all the legal issues involved with reading this newsletter? If so, read the legal page before you call your lawyer.

Inform and Incite

Don't do something, just sit there! That is good advice when it comes to adventures with mail order brides. On the otherhand, the legislation and policy that has created the whole issue needs to be changed. If you are pro -immigration, you need to write your senator to ask for a switch to a more lenient, more reasonable way of handing out visas. If you are anti-immigration, you need to write your senator to ask for an end to the marriage visa loophole. This system we have now only favors the sort of people who don't mind breaking the rules, the sort of people who would steal or kill just so long as they knew they'd never be caught.

About the Editor

More than you ever wanted to know.

Front Page | My story | Nationalism | Letters | Fight Back | Better Ways

Matthew Martin
Any resemblance to semi-defunct communist newspapers is pure coincidental.