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Matthew's Pravda
Matthew's Pravda

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A Foul-mouthed Letter

Here is the letter:
Hey Martin!

Too bad you lost your libelous website !

Also too bad about that first Russian girl.

Fact is, she told us the real truth was that your dick was just too small.

Even your second Russian girl wrote us a note about this sad problem.

However, we have the solution to ALL your problems ole buddy.

Just send us $99.95 and we'll send you the official Prima dick stretcher kit which is even *guaranteed* Just remember ... cashiers check only Matthew.

Oh, by the way, we located that immigration officer investigating your fraud case and told her everything you told us. You remember, all that stuff about how you took the $10,000 from the Russian girl in exchange for bring her to the USA.

The Gov't. has requested we appear as their STAR WITNESS to testify against you. You'll end up doing hard time ole buddy. But that's OK, we'll find some greasy nigger with an enourmous dick to keep your wife warm on those cold winter nights. And you'll enjoy the buck fucking you get from the queers in prison !!!

Too bad you won't live through prison to experience your wife when you get out. Would'nt matter anyway cause your dick would be like a needle in the Grand Canyon in her cunt.


I left in the punctuation errors. The style seems like it was rushed. I think if the author had done a few rewrites, he might have been able to achieve a better artistic quality. I would give it a C-. About the psyche of the person who wrote it, I can only note that he seems obsessed with the penis.

The cops in Houston, San Marcos, my city, and the postal inspectorate all declined to investigate the threat since this doesn't constitute evidence beyond doubt that someone in particular sent it. So I feel very comfortable in publishing it to the internet, otherwise how else can we catch these people who are so hard at work to censor the interet?

By no means I want to imply that I know that Club Prima sent this letter. The evidence is circumstantial, i.e. I got it a few days after sending them a complaint, and the letter was postmarked N. Houston, Texas, which is not far from San Marcos, Texas. The San Marcos police said that the mailing address for Club Prima in San Marcos doesn't exist, although Thrope Lane does exist, and N. Houston isn't not far away from San Marcos.

And Mr. Prima, sue me if you think publishing this is libel, you'll lose anyhow. Sticks and stone can break my bones, but you'll be the one who goes to jail if you try to hurt me. This isn't Russia. Here, we sent criminals to jail, not the innocent.

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Matthew Martin
Any resemblance to semi-defunct communist newspapers is pure coincidental.