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Friendly Edlin FAQ

Why Friendly Edlin?

Are you sick of learning a million word processor commands, every few weeks? Do you feel you have to professionally typeset everything you do? Edlin, is the next step after Word 7.0. It is a stable platform. It hasn't been upgraded in years, despite rumors of a new Edlin++. It's better than vi, its better than emacs, its more intuitive than WordPerfect!

Seriously, its nice for use on laptop computers when you want to write a batch file or a JavaScript file...and you win a lot machismo points for saying you develop primarily in edlin.

How do I ...

Please let me refer you to the tutorial.

Where did edlin come from?

Edlin began a unix program called ed. It was bundled with MS-DOS version 3 to 5, but for some strange reason, this wonderful, 12,642 byte program is not a part of Windows 95, having been replaced by its huge cousin, edit.exe. (Of course, Microsoft would prefer that you write a check for MS-Office.)

Why doesn't edlin work on Windows 95?

Because Microsoft wants to keep edlin from falling into the hands of people who use non-Microsoft DOS compatible operating systems. Try getting the hacked version, using a version other than that from MS-DOS 5. Try using setver to fool Windows 95 into thinking it is DOS 6. Pray harder.

How many versions of edlin are there?

Two that I know of, version one works for DOS 1-7, version two works for DOS 6.

Is edlin public domain?

No, edlin is the foundation of Bill Gates' massive wealth. A fiercely defended piece of intellectual property.

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