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Matthew's Pravda
Matthew's Pravda

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Matthew Martin's Family

Welcome Vlad!

Vladislav Estlin Martin arrived September 26, 1996 at 8:10. He weighed 7lb 7.5 oz and likes milkshakes. He is quiet about his intentions, but many suspect that he will pursue a career in high finance. Vlad chose the name Vladislav instead of Vladimir since its cooler to be called Vlad than Vova. Mom claims he is named after Vladislav Listev, the martyred Russian journalist, Dad thinks he's named after Vlad the Impaler.

Mom Sophia was almost to late arriving at the hospital. Sophia relates, "A good thing I got there on time. Vlad would have been very upset to arrive at the hospital before me." The birth was almost all natural and the doctors got into relatively little mischief.

Powdered formula pushers tried to entrap Vlad, but when it comes to formula, this boy says "No."

Grandma in Russia was very surprised to hear the news.

Update! Vlad reviews his alphabets, both Latin and Cyrillic everyday plus about 30 flash cards. Surprising for most people, this exercises is not robbing him of his childhood, but is a high point in his otherwise boring day. He almost has enough co-ordination to hit the keyboard, but I'm not sure he understands the chain of causation (keyboard -> changing pictures & sounds). He tries to say yum-yum when I feed him pears, and can make noises sounding like meow when he see the cat, or a picture of a cat. At 4 months, he notices the dog, the cat and the parakeets and finds them interesting. His vocabulary is limited to ah-goo, gwah, ah-gwah, and related noises. Since he doesn't have teeth he can't make dental sounds. His co-ordination is not strong enough for pointing. I suspect he understands what is going on, but lacks the mechanisms to respond.

Vlad hates to take a bath and is considering filing for child abuse if his mom washed him up again. Mom Sophia unsympathetically says go ahead and try.

Now a few words from Vlad:

"Well, I would like to say I am glad to be here, I can finally stretch my arms! I would like to thank Mom and everyone for their help. Being yet a small boy, and not 100% independent, I would like you to remember not everyone can make their own decisions, not everyone deserves what they get. So support Children's Rights! Especially the more important subset- Vlad's Rights!"

Children have the right to:

  1. Eat! (Milkshakes! Do you realize the trouble formula can cause?)
  2. Play! (At the Zoo!)
  3. Be Smart! (But not as smart as Vlad!)
  4. Be free from abuse!
  5. Be free from glue! (Smells bad, sticky yucky!)
  6. Live! (Well, after birth anyhow!)
  7. Get Christmas Presents! (But not as good as Vlad's!)
  8. To surf the web! (Information doesn't kill, ignorance does!)
Check out
  1. Casa Alianza
  2. Children's Right's Council
  3. Ayada a los Orfanayos ChinosEs necisito leer espanol para esto.
  4. Save the Children Fund
  5. NCRA

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Matthew Martin
Any resemblance to semi-defunct communist newspapers is pure coincidental.