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Matthew's Pravda
Matthew's Pravda

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Contacting Matthew's Pravda

Thank you for taking the time! You have several options


Right now my public address is


You have two surveys to choose from:

  1. Is the web site easy to use?
  2. What is your opinion of mail order brides and address sellers?

Unfortunately, responses are not anonymous, nor secure. You do need Netscape 3.0 to respond to surveys.


Send me an e-mail and request three or various four times to chat, using Eastern Standard Time. I'll respond and we can meet at the fog chat client. This is a public chat and the server lives in Europe. I don't maintain it.

Snail Mail and Phone

If you are ambitious, you can find my address and phone number on the internet, but I'd rather you use email or chat. If you really need to talk to me, or send me mail, request it in email. I generally hang up on people I don't know (telemarketing defense), so please send e mail.

Mail Bombing, Lawsuits, Nasty Letters

99% of the mail I get is positive, welcome and I really like to get it. If you are part of that 99%, disregard the rest of this section. Unfortunately, one particular person with too much spare time has really been annoying me.

If something in my newsletter bothers you, write me first. Really I am very reasonable. If you choose one of the above methods, I think you will be disappointed. Not only will I not roll over and die, but I probably will chronicle your pestering for other people to read about.

Lawsuits Lets have a two minute lesson in libel law. Libel is writing lies about other people that leads to damages which can be compensated by money, unless you live in a jurisdiction where all criticism is libel. (But in that case, how are you going to sue me?) Opinions and the truth are not libel. If there was an article on this web site that was libelous, (there isn't), who can you sue? You can sue me-- not the internet service provider, not the computer manufacturer, not the electric company. Matthew's Pravda is published through several ISPs, none of whom review or edit or even read my newsletter.

Mail Bombing On the topic of mail bombings, I have several mailboxes and addresses. If one goes down from an excessive number of mailings, I'll just use one of my others. Also, if you are so technically incompetent as to not hide you address, you can bet I will complain to your ISP.

Threatening Letters Nasty letters are against the law- federal postal code. The problem is that lots of people write threatening letters anonymously. The police and postal inspectorate are very reluctant to get involved into multi-jurisdiction, no-solid-evidence cases. If you want to write nasty letters, please sign, date and include return address. Also be specific in the types of physical harm you wish to incur. This will help the police convict you. Otherwise, please show up at my house and we will be happy to call 911 to have someone pick you up. All nasty letters will be published, with a critique of style, grammar and spelling. I recommend writing a rough draft.

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Matthew Martin
Any resemblance to semi-defunct communist newspapers is pure coincidental.