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Mail Order Bride Companies Fight Back

These address sellers don't give up. This is the second address seller to make threats in order to shut me up. First it was some guy who called me at home, thinking I was slandering his company. Now its Club Prima, who is using thinks I have committed trade libel. Do these people know how to read? Please show me where I have written something factually incorrect about their company. All I said is that I bought an address from them. I said they are paranoid, which seems to be a supportable opinion given their current action to shut me up. My mirror at Arrowweb has already been shut down. They threatened Arrowweb and Arrowweb decided to blank me out rather than defend themselves. I have committed no crime, Arrowweb committed no crime (or tort).

First, for Club Prima and other address sellers and their lawyers who want to silence me :

  1. Matthew's Pravda is a newsletter and I am a journalist. I have certain protections under freedom of press.
  2. Second, I haven't lied. Everything is true. I didn't make this up. I wish I did.
  3. No harm has been done. Club Prima's address buyers still can make valid decisions- My article only informed them. It did not mislead them. Consumers still buy cigarettes, despite lots of articles saying bad things about them.
  4. Nothing is directed at Club Prima Its only by coincidence that I bought the address from them. If you substituted any of the following companies names in for Club Prima in the above story, the points would all be essentially valid.

About one week after I sent a letter to Club Prima, I received an anonymous letter from Houstan, Texas. Hmm, could there be a connection? Nah. The evidence merely tilts toward that direction. The writer of this letter, with many clever four letter words, threats of physical harm etc., alleges I sell green cards to Russian girls for $10,000. The author also alleges that they have contacted the INS in an effort to send me to jail. Apparently, the author of this letter has never heard of malicious litigation- or if he has, he probably doesn't respect the law anyhow.

Read a transcript of this unsigned letter online.

$10,000 is 20 years salary for my ex-wives mother and 5 years salary for my current wife's mother. While married to me, my ex-wife worked for a grand total of about a week at minimum wage. My ex-wife, as far as I know, never got a green card.

Why would a Russian girl buy a visa for $10,000 when they could get if for free? There are lots of stupid people in the US willing to do it, me among them.

Finally, I would like to know how they found such interesting evidence. If they do have such evidence, they must watch their customers very closely. This would seem to me, to be a good reason not to deal with any address seller.

My current wife has already bore me a child, and wasn't a mail order bride to begin with. She was an exchange student. (latest news) My wife has her green card and has never worked in the US. (end latest news) Indeed these are interesting accusations, I am sure the INS will find the equally interesting.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words won't hurt me. You need proof! The accusation alone is not proof, either beyond all doubt or otherwise. And speaking of sticks and stones, the prosecution rate of real crime (not imaginary crimes) is very high in the US.

I will not be silenced. The truth must be told.

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Matthew Martin
Any resemblance to semi-defunct communist newspapers is pure coincidental.