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Matthew's Pravda
Matthew's Pravda

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Promote World Peace! Write Letters!

Free pen pal organizations exist. Make lots of friends abroad, visit them, learn their language, do business with them. Then once you are in the country, meet some girls and marry one. Pick one that had never thought of moving abroad and doesn't have any motivation to move either.

The mail order bride catalogs do not promote world peace. Foreign nationalists see these high profile address sellers as an affront to their national pride or arrogance, and would like to pass a laws against the export of such a valuable commodity. Also, sensationalist journalists like to say that address sellers are selling addresses of children to pedophiles and women abusers. It seems unlikely that people would spend $7,000 and up to import a women just for a purpose of beating her- but still the idea is permanent lodged in peoples heads.

Or if you just like foreigners, get to know the girls in the expatriate community, maybe you too can snag a promiscuous and unfaithful mail-order bride which some one else imported. On second thought, what a dumb idea.

Links to Pen Pal Organizations

Use these services! It helps promote world peace.

e mail pals
Japanese Pen pals Free addresses.

Also search for pen pal at Yahoo. Their lists are much more up to date.

Front Page | My story | Nationalism | Letters | Fight Back | Better Ways

Matthew Martin
Any resemblance to semi-defunct communist newspapers is pure coincidental.