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Defeat the Milk Subsidies!

Recipes and Political Action

The strategies has two parts. First, write your elected officials. Second, stop drinking subsidized milk. You can accomplish this in two ways, first buy foreign milk and dairy. That milk is also subsidized, but its not your tax dollar that is funding it. Second, switch to non-dairy substitutes, such as rice, soy, oat, almond, potato and coconut milk. They taste better and can be used to make almost any dairy product, including coffee cream, milk for baked goods, cheese and table milk. With the milk subsidies driving up the price of dairy goods, these substitutes are very economical, especially when you consider all the doctor bills you forgoe when you avoid milk's cholesterol. Be sure not to confuse producer and consumer subsidies. Price floors and import quotas on milk doesn't translate into lower prices for consumers, it only means higher profits for the dairy industry.

Political Action-Vote at the Ballot

The struggle against the milk subsidies has been far outgunned by the agribusiness lobbies. A strong PR campaign has convined voters that subsidies are required to preserve small farmers, which not true, the subsidies mostly benefit city dwelling shareholders. The milk industry is small and united, so they can contribute a lot of money to congress, encouraging them to abuse the 250 million US consumers. The 250 million consumers that suffer far more than the milk industry gains, is disunited and would each gain little if the milk subsidies were killed. Nevertheless, theft justified, no matter how many people the theft is spread across, especially when the benefactors are receiving no trivial gain from it.

Write. Keep an eye on dairy subsidy legislation and notify you congressman you oppose it when it comes up.

Vote. When that weak, campaign contribution sucking politican gives in to the dark side, vote him out.

Vote with your dollars

Lots of companies sell milk subsisutes. They are aimed at vegans, the lactose intolerant and people like me, lactose subsidy intolerant. Here are their websites, most more beautiful than my own.

Here are some government and NGO sources

  1. The USDA Factsheet. Its a fact they are ripping you off to let dairy farmers live in style
  2. FAO general info
  3. How DEIP works

Here are some anti-Industry sources

  1. US Dairy Export Council
  2. Who is milking whom?
  3. P.J. O'Rourke

Here are some pro-Industry sources

  1. US Dairy Export Council
  2. Dairy Trade Coalition
  3. National Milk Producers Federation

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