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Defeat the Milk Subsidies!

Recipes and Political Action

Welcome to the "Defeat the Milk Subsidies!" homepage. This will be a jump site for people interested in defeating the $1 billion a year milk subsidies in the US and around the world. The US has recently made excellent progress is cutting subsidies, but needs to finish the job. Also, this site host the largest collection of homemade milk substitute recipes in the known universe.

Make Your Own Milk! Boycott Subsidized Milk!

Step One. Stop buying milk. Send the milk industry a message. Buy or Make your own milk out of rice, oats, soybeans, or almonds. It good for your health and its cheaper.

Write Congress! End the Corporate Handouts!

Step Two. Participate in the political process. Producer subsidies don't work- they only encourage consumers to look for substitutes. Worse yet, keeping the subsidies requires large bribes in the form of campaign contributions.

Our motto is "Cheaper Cheese for the 21st Century!"

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