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Friendly Edlin Wrapper

Getting Wrapper

This program in early beta, probably V0.75. It is written in batch language. Since edlin doesn't actually have any features, neither does batch language for that matter, it requires interfacing with a lot of little utilities, most imporant being enquire.

Go to the support files page and down load a copy of edlin and the optional utilities, if you don't haven't already and a copy of (8kb).

Installing Wrapper

Put it in the directory of your edlin file. Also install a copy of Enquire in the same directory.

Using the Friendly Edlin Wrapper

Type e. You can pass the file name and start editing right away, but that defeats the purpose of having a wrapper.

Main Screen

You can, edit, view, or print files, or you can configure edlin. After installing GDSpell, you can also do spell checking.

Print Screen

You can print to any device you want, including nul, which is a very entertaining thing to do when business is slow. After installing the TEXT2PS utility, you can also print to Postscript printers. Edlin output has never been so beautiful.

Configure Screen

You can set the extension, directory, and print device.

The Guts of the Friendly Edlin Wrapper

The Friendly Edlin Wrapper is a batch file that uses a nonprofit-ware program enquire.exe as the input getter. The optional utilities are require installation, which is very easy. Get a legal copy of the software from the supporting files page, unzip it to your directory holding edlin. That is it.

The Wrapper is Charity-ware

If you use this program, please donate $25 to one of the following:

	1: The Sierra Club
	2: The World Wildlife Fund
	3: The Nature Conservancy
	4: The Natural Resources Defense Council
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