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Edlin Jokes


Windows: From the people who brought you EDLIN!
MS Word: From the folks who brought you EDLIN
Windows 3.0 - From the people who brought you EDLIN.
... you get the pattern.

I can't decide between EDLIN and WordPerfect 6.0...
Written using Turbo Edlin V9.3 for Windows.
Word? Jag skriver alla mina dokument i Edlin!
(Swedish, something like:"Word? I write all my documents in Edlin!")
Edlin is my best word processor.

George Bush - the EDLIN of Presidents !
Jesse Jackson: the EDLIN of political candidates.
Dan Quayle: the EDLIN of Vice-Presidents. get the idea

Coming Soon!!  Mouse Support for Edlin!!
Super Turbo Edlin Deluxe for Win 3.1 w/OCR - Here NOW!
Coming Soon: 32 bit Edlin for Windows 95!
Newsbytes - Microsoft announce EDLIN for Windows get the idea


	1:  WinEdlin
	2:  WinEdlin Slightly different version of above.
	3:  Get your Somehow made with Edlin icon.
	4:  Poking fun  can also be found here.
	5:  This site was made with Edlin
	6:  Visual EDLyN This is a working windows program, although
it does have bugs.
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