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Welcome to the Friendly Edlin Page!

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>1:* The Friendly Edlin FAQ
>2:* The Friendly Edlin Tutorial
>3:* The Friendly Edlin Wrapper
>4:* The Friendly Edlin Support Files
>5:* Edlin Jokes!

If you are looking for a way to write poems, programs, resumes, batch files, or Broadway plays, you've come to the right place. If you need a simple way to write lines, this is what you need : Edlin.

Can't decide between Netscape and MSI Exporer? Let me show you how to use edlin as an offline browser.

Want to play music? Use edlin. Find out how.

What's Available?

Here at the Friendly Edlin Page, we have a FAQ, a tutorial, and most importantly a charity-ware edlin wrapper. The wrapper is a batch file that makes file handling, printing easy, plus it has online help! Don't used edlin without it!

Legal talk. If you are a lawyer represeenting Microsoft and feel I a hurting your feelings, email me. In fact, spend hundreds of hours on such a project. It would make me feel good to know time is being used up at $200 an hour to maliciously and erroneously purse the intellectual property rights on a 12kb program, which for all practical purposes is obsolete and commercially dead, even if it is more reliable than Windows 3.1.

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