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Academic Buddhism

Types of University Programs

One type is where you learn Pali, Sanscrit or Tibetan and spend years laboriously translating rare texts often written before the days of professional editors, or peer review. On this route, I think people can get too caught up in the minutae and it really gets the zen Buddhist upset.

Another type the comparative religion or philosophy track, where Buddhism is a set of philosophical ideas.

The last type is the meditative, sort of fuzzy track where you look for inspiration through literature, meditation, and what ever else might work.

The Importance or lack thereof of teachers

I personally feel that guru veneration necessarily must get out of hand. Depending on sect, gurus are very important or absent. Simply as a matter of supply, I suspect the latter will be the case in American Buddhism. Guru s by nature are competitive, and if they did not compete, they would soon be put out of the view of the public. As a result, there is a tendency that gurus who are very good self promoters, but of indeterminate skill in Buddhism, win the most followers and recognition.

The vast majorities of Universities teach Buddhism only as a part of Asian studies.

For credit traditional

Universities or Colleges

A big index of graduate programs
Naropa As close to a Buddhist University as you can get.
University of California at Berkley
Indiana University

The availability of teaching, especially for a particular branch of Buddhism is determined by migration patterns and the extent of evangelism within a particular sect. As a result, it is fairly easy to find Tibetan Buddhist centers on account of migration, and Japanese Buddhists on account of evangelism and migration.

Dhamma Centers, Instistitutes

IMS-BCBS, in Massachusetts

Correspondence Courses

Course in Mahayana Buddhism

If you know of any more programs or directories of programs that fit into the above categories, with a heavy emphasis on Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism, let me know & I'll post them.

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