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A place to meditate in the Buckeye State.
Akron, O

Buddhist Pilgrimages


As near as Cleveland, you can go see a Japanse Buddhist temple, in the Zen and Pure Land style. For a Tibetan temple, you probably will need to go to Washington DC or New York City. I don't know of any Theravadan temples in North East US, although there are a few retreats and meditation centers. Best of all, in the US everyone speaks English, which does wonders for comprehension.


Excellent traveling conditions, but not a lot of Buddhist temples- they seem to be about as common as they are in the US, with the exception of England, which seems to have more than the US, on account of their colonial contacts in South East Asia.

Non-Communist Countries

Ironically, the top of the list is not necessarily India, the home of Buddha, which despite a surge in popularity of Buddhism, has relatively shallow roots there. More interesting probably are the non-communist countries of Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, South Korea, and Shri Lanka. With the exception of Singapore, all of these countries are unlikely to have a lot of English speaking people.

Communist Countries

Some communist countries are devoutly Buddhist, but are likely to be stingy about granting visas. The communist countries may be cheaper, but they are more likely to be inconvenient, especially with regard to living conditions and travel freedoms. On this list would go Viet Nam, North Korea, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia.

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