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A place to meditate in the Buckeye State.
Akron, O

Learning Pali

Sanscrit was the language of the educated Brahmin class. Pali was the colloquial language of Gautama's day. For no other reason than that it is hard to learn lots of languages, I'll provide material on just learning one, which is also the language of the canonical Buddhist texts, the tipitaka, or 'three baskets'. If you familiar with Christianity, it would correspond to the Vulgate, but longer. Its divided into three parts, rules for monastic, the second is sermons or discourses, the last is the deep philosophy and ethics stuff.

There is a free elementary Pali book online in MS Word format, as soon as I get ambitious I'll post it

Once you learn Pali, you will need something to read. Fortunately the Tipitaka is very long, so long you probably should get in on CD ROM instead of on paper.

The Vipassana Institute offers one for $5, get it at Main Page ]
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