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A place to meditate in the Buckeye State.
Akron, O

Welcome To the Temple

Welcome to the Akron, Ohio Buddhist CyberTemple. Come on in, meditate and contemplate for a while. The cybertemple is run by Matthew Martin, a Buddhist primarily in the Therevadan style, although somewhat altered and mixed with some Americanisms.

This is the nuts and bolts of Buddhist practice. Buddhist life has a goal: to achieve enlightenment, nibbana and become an arhat. Enlightenment comes in degrees, nibbana is the end of the process.

The day to day business of Buddhist practice

  1. What kind of Buddhism is this?
  2. Acquiring Wisdom Damma talks, PowerPoint slide shows, books
  3. Acquiring Virtue Morality (The 5 no-no's), Vegetarianism, Metta and Buddhist Charities
  4. Meditation At home, retreats and choosing a cushion

This part is for ambitious people, who want do more, to feel more part of the Sangha. The following certainly was not what the original Buddha was thinking of when he was sitting beneath the tree, so don't over estimate the following's usefulness.

  1. Learning Pali Is something a metaphor or literally as it says? Until you know for sure, you might want to use Dukkha instead of misery, samsara instead of rebirth, etc.
  2. Schools offering courses and degrees in Buddhist studies
  3. Pilgrimages
  4. Trinkets and pictures
  5. Buddhist Jokes

Disclaimer: No offense meant, no offense taken. Write me if you have any worries, questions, or similar issues to take up.

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